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Interested in learning about organic farming techniques in exotic places? Come visit us at Al Sorat Farm, where you'll find a petting zoo that offers veterinary training as well. Interact with the animals, try our organic produce, and learn about our Egyptian way of life.

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Al Sorat Farm is an educational and recreational center. We welcome students from schools around the world to visit the rescued horses and dogs that live here.

We breed goats and sheep to help improve the blood stock for local farmers, practice organic farming, offer horseback riding lessons and trail riding, and lessons in local cooking and cheese making. We also offer space for schools to conduct all sorts of outdoor lessons, from biology to language, mathematics, and genetics.

There simply is no other place like Al Sorat Farm in Egypt, from the focus on natural living quarters for the animals to the interest in nutrition and the use of edible garden plants in cooking. It is a place where people can perform observational studies on the social interactions of the goats or horses, as well as enjoy the space as a large, safe petting zoo.

Three Donkeys

We do a lot of work with charitable organizations, particularly those that benefit underprivileged children. The schools that visit the farm are private schools in the larger Cairo/Giza area. They may come out for a day visit or arrange for a week of daily visits for a more integrated program.

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The Brooke Hospital for Animals Egypt | The Egyptian Society for the Preservation and Welfare of Working Animals (aka, The Donkey Sanctuary)


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