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Storm Over Abu Sir

There is so much more to Egypt than museums, markets and the pyramids of Giza.

Experience the culture and warmth of the countryside. Ride in the desert and have dinner by firelight in the dunes. Join a village wedding or try baking bread in a wood-fired oven. Enjoy jeep trips in the desert and feluccas on the Nile. Try horsebackriding in the green of the Nile Valley and to the less visited pyramid groups that line it. See the sacred lake where geese fly in fall and spring from Europe and southern Africa. Watch the rollers and bee-eaters dance above the canals in springtime. See the Egypt that people who live here see.

Farasha...bride's furnishings for her new home
One of the days of a village wedding is the inspection and transport of the bride's belongings.

Two baby camels tied to a cart
More often you will see other animals such as donkeys or cows.

There is no need to experience Egypt through the windows of a hotel or a bus. Bask in the aromas of women preparing the village dinners as you ride through the countryside in the afternoons. Sit on a cushion and enjoy the sweet hot Egyptian tea by a sleepy canal. Listen to the calls of the bulbul and the carawan as they sing from the trees along the sesame and corn fields. Let the village wedding music slide through the dusk on a summer breeze and envelope you. Ride up to a lone pyramid at sunset and experience the quiet peace of the stones that have stood for centuries.

One of the many countryside trails between Abu Sir and Giza

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Why see Egypt from behind a window? Experience the life.
Warm smiles of the village girls greet you daily
"Welcome in Egypt" is on the lips of everyone
Recoub Al Sorat
Mansoureya Road
near Abu Sir, Giza

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Recoub Al Sorat

Find us on Google Earth. Our coordinates are 29 degrees 54'39.03" N and 31 degrees 12' 03.28"E

Google still hasn't caught up but you can see the houses, paddocks and round pen now, according to Google's whim. They recently put back a shot that doesn't include anything built on the farm. Go figure.

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